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You know that we have been misled by the Medical community that only chemical medicines will work. That’s because it is expensive. Doctors only make a lot of money on sick people, not healthy ones! There are even solutions for Diabetes-2 but we are not legally able to make any claims. Sufficient to say I’m the only one in our family not to have any signs of Diabetes-2. Wonder why?

If we were to say that there is a natural cure for just about every illness out there, we would get sued, so we cannot say that. If everyone went to the Doctor as much as my wife and I, there would be no need for Doctors. That is because we take about 37 different herbs a day! If you want Usana or Herbalife products, give us a call at 401-453-5600 anytime. We will get the message and call you right back. Mentioned that you saw it on this website blog please.

I’m the only one in our family with no trace of Diabetes-2, no high blood pressure, and no illnesses. These were showing up by age 42 for me and my wife. Then, we started heavy use of herbs. I’ve never been anemic since! I’m age 58 now and still extremely healthy.

My last check up showed I had the healthy blood of an 18 year old kid. That makes sense, we don’t get nutrients from overgrown fields and not from the animals we eat that eat the overgrown grains, plus the chemical they insert in the animals to make them fat quicker like chickens!

The rain forest type of herbs have the nutrients and your grandmother probably used it in your spaghetti sauce and you didn’t even know it and you probably ate less fast foods and meats, but it kept you healthy.

Unfortunately, we eat prepared and fast foods too much. We are killing our bodies.

Doctors remedy with expensive chemicals and unneeded surgery. EDTA can unblock your arteries and prevent buildup in the arteries.

Doctors know about EDTA and it’s the one cheap chemical that really does work made by DOW Chemical in the 1940′s to combat clogged arteries in newborn babies. It’s used in your arm if you have a heart attack as an emergency, so why don’t we take it everyday? If we did, our arteries would be clear. The answer is obvious- “It’s all about the money!”

Remember, you are inventory to Surgeons and  Doctors. My Dad had preventative surgery, then they had to cremate his body, and I would advise not to use his surgeon at Miriam Hospital! He did in our Assistant Pastor’s Dad at our Church and he died, as well, for preventative surgery! …just search for EDTA and it’s healthy and cheap to buy!

Anyway, why do preventative surgery when an $18 bottle of EDTA can clear millions of capillaries and arteries in your body. Again, why don’t Doctors tell you this? Well, the Doctor that did my Dad got paid even though he died the next day with 50k or more to buy a new Lexus. Maybe that’s why!

You are inventory- the thinking is “get as much as I can from this old dying piece of dung before he croaks before another surgeon picks him up.” Well, that’s called Capitalism, which is “For all according to his greed, to each for his gullibility!”

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