About Us
About Us

We are a small Veteran and Woman own business and our history goes
back over 20 years ago when we first started to simplify software.
creating small programs that duplicate exactly the proven manual practices that
make your business work so efficiently, the change over to automation is made
more user friendly and less of an hostile affair for the employees that will use the
new software.

We create custom databases. We use ACCESS/VBA, VB, .NET object
programming languages and seek to automate those processes that can increase
your ROI by targeting redundancies.

Custom database software will get right to the heart of what you need. This
will not complicate your life with a huge complex off the shelf package, which cannot
be easily modified. In a lot of cases, we seek to interface custom software to work in
conjunction with canned software that you may be using with whatever interface
capabilities that are designed into the product, such as Great Plains or Peachtree

Many times we started out "Radding" projects (Rapid Application
Usually, the ACCESS/VBA forms and capabilities were so
awesome that we made it commercial and with some tricks of the trade, made it
scale to 20 or more PC's on a network, although Microsoft says about 5 PC's is

Besides database custom projects, we do very specialized developing
marketing websites.
We developer very creative websites that will propel your
ROI into the fast lane with more customers. We are with you every step of the way
and support is 24/7!

We also specialize on getting you whatever financing you may need. These
loans will help run your business in times when money is scarce. Equipment
financing can help lump sum a whole new computerized system with software
together without hurting your cash flow. Our partners can put a loan package
together for your needs.

We are big advocates of natural health products. These products have kept
us extremely healthy without the need for Doctors and conventional medicines. We
have included information on these products as a service. It has kept us healthy
and we provide information here so you can be aware of the unbelievable benefits
of all natural herbs and vitamins.

Tel: 401-453-5600