Hide Wire Box
This 4' or 6' wood pine box
stained elegant brown will hide
your wires in back of your
desk. Custom made, unique.
  • Database Design in ACCESS/VBA/VB & .NET

  • Website Development ASP & PHP

  • Process Control: Efficiency & Documentation

  • Mainframe programming and assistance

“People forget how fast you did a job - but they remember how well you did
it." - Howard W. Newton
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Hide Wire Box
This 4' or 6' wood pine box
stained elegant brown will hide
your wires in back of your
desk. Custom made, unique.
We have partners that can do 'equipment
loans' or any size loan from10k to 200 million
dollars or more.

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Why hire an employee?
We create almost any type of project and on time and within your
budget. We do it right the first time and only what you need to
make your company more efficient. ACCESS, VB, VBA, ASP,         
.NET, PHP5/CSS3, and other programming or maintenance jobs.

Have you ever bought the whole package and later realized that
you only use a small fraction of it? That's a waste of money. We
once had one of the largest companies in the world give a quote
for over $250,000 and that was just for the quote and
documentation to do a custom program for order entering!

We did the job and delivered the code for about $10,000 with a
few modifications over the next 20 years and they are still using
the software and believe it or not, it used MS ACCESS with
extensive VBA programming code.

VB code is extensible to API's and there is almost nothing that
cannot be done for a fraction of the cost other vendors may
charge you. We made it so it ran on not just a few PC's but up to
have, such as MS ACCESS, SQLServer, Oracle, and other
database backend servers. Why pay more?
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Reduce your costs with tailored software
When you elect us to do your software, the result is the exact
solution you had expected without all the extras other software
vendors give you that are not needed. Custom software that fits
your business needs will result in more profitability.

Products and Services
We offer creative Web Design, Process Control Documentation
on all your processes, SEO, online display advertising over 800
search engines, and mainframe programming. When you need
custom software or maintenance, try us. We save you money.

Do you need programming assistance, a temporary assignment
off site or on site, or maintenance help? We can offer you hands
on assistance to any type project you may have. We offer a FREE
one day evaluation at your location to see whether or not we can
benefit your company in any way to expand and increase sales.

"It was a pleasure to work with you all along. Thank you for your       
fantastic efforts and all those evening activities that you did for us.         
That is really exceptional and thanks a ton for that."
Regards, Sri Pavuluri (Pfizer, CT)
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"IT solutions" should not be a boatload of
Documentation. If you want that kind of
service, then you're paying for overhead!


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