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This is Bob Fagnant talking here and Herbal
products saved my life when I was 42 years old
from my Dalmatian that bit my arm and I was
getting lockjaw. I had two weeks to live on
intravenous feeding at the hospital and, if it
didn't work, I was going to die.

The Spiritual Connection to Herbal Health!

Well, I was anemic all my life but I never paid much
attention to it all. Now I do. I went to NH to buy all the
Herbs I could find and take for myself. I had no idea
what I was doing but only my left arm would work, so I
traveled over 100 miles using just my left arm from RI
to NH to get these products because NRG's and herb
stores were not around then and I took many tablets
and they solved my anemic problem and I never had
to go into the Hospital for what might have been my
last stay.

Of course, the Doctors only said the standard junk
saying it was a miracle. Anything that doesn't earn
Doctors a lot of money is always a miracle! Since my
episode, we sold 10k dollars a month worth of this
stuff as Doctors would send us their terminally ill
patients with no hope. These people went healthy
taking herbs and vitamins in large quantities and
more miracles kept on happening.

Of course, herbs and vitamins are not treatments but
helps your blood get all the nutrients it needs in order
to keep you healthy. This whole science of Holistic,
Homeopathic, and Cellular Nutrition constitutes one
small trivial course for most Doctors, as preventative
medicine is not how Doctors make money.

Look at it this way, if the EDTA product, which is the
only chemical product on this site, unclogged all your
arteries and millions of capillaries, then how would
Doctors make over a hundred thousand dollars per
surgery and pay for all those expensive medical bills?
You see, it's in the interest of Doctors money
machines to keep us all sick for the chemical
treatments and modern surgeries. That's what pays
the bills!

Call us for any products you may want to buy. EDTA
and Blood Sugar clicks on here for your information.
There are alternatives, as they call it, treatments for
almost everything these days and, depending how
advanced your problem may be, it might be possible
to reverse or eliminate the problem. Eventually, old
age will get us all but, for the meantime, if we all keep
our blood healthy, our bodies will heal itself.

At least, there is history of over 10,000 years of
reported benefits from all natural herbs that are raw
pure plants picked from fertile soil and put into tablets
and capsule form from the rain forests. In addition, not
only do you get healthy, but the money made from the
rain forests helps put money into the hands of people
preserving the forests as a money maker as the major
providers of these astounding products.

Because of these products, I have not been sick, or
get colds often, or have allergies, or have higher
blood pressure, or have high Cholesterol, or am I
anemic anymore! I'm 56 now going on 57 March 12,
2009, have the healthy blood of an 18 year old says
my Doctor, and he tells me whatever I'm doing to
keep on doing it!

So, I continue to take my 17 different herbs and
vitamins a day with EDTA every other day just one
(though the bottle says to take 3 a day), and it all
works great for me. With 17 to 27 different tablets and
capsules a day, I'm extremely healthy! If I miss a few
days, it don't matter because I have so much in my
blood already.

Now, I was born anemic but otherwise, nothing wrong
with me, so it may be that some won't even need any
herbs, others might need a lot more than I take, and
still some others might use different products than I
do. Everyone is different. It goes on the premise that
everyone should because the worlds farming has
used the same soil over and over. It has been proven
that the nutrients with all the chemicals used, are
producing good looking vegetables as such but
lacking nutrients, so that even the animals are being
fed not so good materials meaning that everything we
are eating may be not helping your blood to feed all
the cells in your body- hence you need herbs from the
nutrient rich rain forests of the world and in
concentrated amounts.

Just one all natural small gel tablet is like eating five
tomatoes, so it helps with diets as well. Not that you
will get fat from tomatoes, but most people don't
usually eat vegetables anyway. I hate to say it but
most meats are not healthy for you anyway.

Remember, in most of the world where access to
expensive Doctors is not widely available and even in
some places where it is, alternative, or in these
countries the primary method of defeating a problem
has been the use of herbs and modern medicine
before the condition gets very severe. Also, note that
herbs are a food!

My Dad would not take this EDTA (this one is a DOW
chemical created in 1940 and still used as an
ingredient in baby formula to unclog their arteries) or
any herbs and his Doctor wanted to do routine
surgery on one artery, which put him into the
graveyard with a lousy Doctor and bad care at Miriam
Hospital in RI. The bad care is, of course, because of
the nursing shortage and the fact that my Dad had to
use Medicare, which doesn't pay the Doctor as much
as more well endowed patients that can pay a lot
more money and be more choosy about choosing the
best Surgeon.

So,why not give the Herbs and other alternative
medicines a try? After all, it's just your life at stake
here and no one has to cut you open! You might get
well. At the very least, you will always feel better.
That's my take on it.

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