FACILITY MANAGEMENT         Office Lease Auditing
Cost Segregation
Property Tax Auditing
Exporters EIE Benefits
IC-DISC Tax Strategy
Income Tax Reviews

EXPENSE MANAGEMENT        Workers' Comp
Merchant Services

Facility Management

One of the greatest expenses a business deals with
every year is the cost, operation and management of
our facility.  We have a team of specialists that focus
on three distinct areas of facility management. 1)
Office lease reviews and audits. 2) Cost Segregation
benefits and 3) Property tax expenditures.

Corporate Tax Management

Our specialty tax team helps you qualify and procure
tax benefits and incentives through the Research &
Development (R&D) Tax Credit, the Extra-territorial
Income Exclusion (EIE) tax benefit for exporters, the
establishment of IC-DISC’s tax strategy for closely
held U.S. exporters, and other complex Federal and
State tax incentives and programs available under
the law.

Operational and Expense Management

There are a number of other various areas
businesses and corporations overpay for services,
such as Workers’ Compensation, Telecom, Utilities,
Merchant Services, Shipping and Waste.  These
items alone cost business an additional 200 billion
dollars a year.  The best way to find out if there is a
possibility for recovery is to allow us to provide you
with a free analysis.

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