Contract Experience  (401) 453-5600

…Just some of our experience

…No Contract too small or too large

…Hundreds of projects completed


Creative Website Development with
PHP and ASP programming

Beginning VB.NET and ASP.NET

Classic ASP Guru status

ACCESS/VBA Guru status

VB6 Guru status

RAD Database projects using ACCESS/VBA for

Wrote Databases using VBA with ACCESS 2.0,
7.0, 8.0, 9.0 (also known as ACCESS 2000, 2003,
and 2007)

Wrote VB 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 6.0 and ASP Internet WEB

Created OLE OCX interfaces, DLLs, GRAPHICS

Wrote an interface for a CZAR transportation
DLL to do rates

Wrote a number of marketing and sales
database applications

Effectively managed a D&B Payroll conversion
from 11.01 to 11.02

Organized and directed multiple projects with

Managed a complete WEB CGI/PERL for an IBM
AS/400 DOS

Wrote the entire interface for an IBM AS/400 in
ACCESS 8.0 using VBA

Wrote commercial products for both clients and

Wrote C++ and Delphi ancillary utility programs
for projects

Created databases for startup companies

Attached existing databases such as "Great
Plains Software" to ACCESS

Created external databases to MTS SQLServer
6.5 and 7.0 to ACCESS

Created complex reports with ACCESS/VBA/VB
and "Crystal Reports"

Wrote communication programs in VB for both
Internet and Bar Codes

Trained and worked with employees to use

Sold Cognigen hardware and software per
clients' needs for lowest cost

Helped Users with selection of network
hardware and setup

Projected budget cost per hour on-site or off-site
or fix price per specs   


Versed in databases, languages, package
programs, hardware, systems, and   
communication networks including twenty-five
years of solid programming.

Developed database ASP Internet applications
to retrieve selected SQL data, used FrontPage to
develop the HTML code, and did passwords and

Generated and designed an on-line information
entry and retrieval system which resulted in a
cost savings of over $500,000.

Developed and conducted training to instruct
users on the application and usage of PC DOS
and WINDOWS database programming.
Developed VB communication programs to
interface with online RI Student Loan ASP WEB
programs to get data from "Experian" for
automatic decisions.

Created a completely automated graphical
system by using unbound label cells to visually
allow a baseball club sale of tickets- over 25,000
lines of tight code!

Attended a school for "TracerX" for one week
and developed an application that scrapes the
PC screen of data for insertion to a C++ program.

Developed a method and the VB code to
automatically use "FTP"  in thousands of
locations for intelligent PC acquisition of data on
an Internet Server.

Created applications that use scanning such as
credit cards and developed a credit card system
with multi-level VB timers to return results with
error protocol.

Created a complete METRIC system for pre-
sales and estimating manufacturing cost for a
roofing materials making a complex manual
method an easy task.

Wrote a bar code interface using "keypress
events" for a photographer of children dealing
with schools making the job easier to put data
on each picture.

Wrote calendar software for planned events and
setting up appointments  graphically for
attorneys for a very complex system that
replaced their old "PINS" software.

Wrote a calendar system for a CMMS commercial
package to connect to a very complex DLL with
all events and code allowing "spanning"
graphically date ranges.

Created CLASS DLL VB complex modules for
specific purposes using the "Dot" methodology,
optimized many projects, and used Delphi and
C++ where needed.

Created many types of TEXT processing, report
cutting of TEXT, and interfaces from Btrieve in
Great Plains Software to *.dbf database

Created many conversion projects bringing data
over from a mainframe to a PC environment and
going back using IBM CMS and custom VB

Created InstallShield setups coded to do ODBC
connections and other advance methods for
commercial products.

Wrote many "Timer" type automation
applications that keep running in the
background and sits there always looking for
the right signal to invoke an action.

Wrote a Worker's Compensation commercial
software package that put RI  ahead of other
states making the client's program the model for
other areas of the country.

Wrote complex reports in ACCESS and Crystal
Reports requiring many levels of embedded
event code as required to do special
calculations and fancy reports.

Evaluated computer related problems to resolve
computer issues among different departments  
to accomplish the desired goal.

Applied the usage of complex programming on
the IBM PC to interface with Paradox for DOS
and WINDOWS applications on a network.

Coordinated a 100 million dollar reimbursable
system at three state agencies, redesigned the
CICS mainframe system, and saved RI millions
of dollars!

Prepared reports and procedures to increase
system effectiveness along with detail analysis
of User requirements.

Projected and formulated budgetary
requirements for computer operations and
proposed projects.

Hundreds of projects completed almost
everything imaginable.


Major experience in ACCESS/VBA, VB, ASP,
FORTRAN, and ASSEMBLER on both business
an scientific programming, VB6, VB.NET, C#.


Machines used are PCs (All operating OS's),
IBM/4341/390/VSE/ESA, Data General Micros and
Eclipse Systems, Data General Desktops,
General Automation, and Honeywell.
Contract Experience