Church Loans

Church Real Estate Financing

Property Types: Sanctuaries, Schools, Expansion
Loan Proceeds: Acquisition, Refinance, Construction,
Trustee Guarantees: None
Size: $400,000 - $20 million
Fast Close: 45-60 days
Cash Flow Multiple: 3-4x Unrestricted Contributions
LTV: 66% - 80%
Term: 25-40 Years; Open-Ended for additional
Interest: Fixed Rate @ 190-220 over Treasuries
Prepayment: No Penalty
Construction Bonds: None required for qualifying projects

Our underwriters are professionally trained to keep the
interest of the church a priority.  They are experienced in
working with churches of all sizes.  Thus, they can fund
loans for any denominations anywhere in the country!

Tel: (401) 453-5600
Church Loans